Baltic Marine Environment
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Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

STURGEON Rehabilitation PG

Joint Baltic Sea sturgeon rehabilitation development (2013–2014)

An ambitious challenge

Baltic Sea sturgeon rehabilitation was started in the early 20th century when an attempt was carried out in the Vistula Lagoon to reproduce and release offspring. Unfortunately, the attempts did not prove successful since access to mature fish was extremely limited already. In 1996, Helcom created a first Project Group to help coordinate the efforts for rehabilitation in Germany and in Poland.

But is it really possible to bring the Baltic Sea sturgeon back?

Project inception

The sturgeon rehabilitation PG (Project Group)​ has the goal to re-establish viable natural populations of Baltic Sea sturgeon. In 2013, EUSBSR granted funding to start works on a larger scale re-introduction project, which would address the issue through mutual cooperation of nature conservation and fisheries. Project partners from Germany, Poland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia have been working on drafting a project proposal for further financing. The project kicked-off with a workshop held in Warsaw, 18-20 September 2013 and continued with a workshop in Berlin, 16-19 January 2014. A third, final, meeting took place in Vilnius, 5-8 May 2014.


Project Coordinator
Marco Milardi
Tel: +358 40 557 5631
Skype: helcom51

Helcom Sturgeon Project Group Chair
Dr. Jörn Gessner​​
Tel: +493064181626