Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

The Baltic Sea Action Plan – for a healthy Baltic marine environment by 2021

Indicators with the latest data on biodiversity, eutrophication, and hazardous substances

HELCOM holistic assessments give a comprehensive overview of the ecosystem health of an entire regional sea – the Baltic Sea. These major assessments assist the region’s environmental managers and decision-makers, so that they can base their work on sound, up-to-date knowledge of the status of the sea.​

In 2010, HELCOM completed the initial assessment of the ecosystem health of the Baltic Sea – including the associated costs and benefits to the society (link to report).

An update on the overall state of ecosystem health in the Baltic Sea was made in the project Second Holistic Assessment of Ecosystem Health in the Baltic Sea(HOLAS II). Published in 2017, the State of the Baltic Sea report features improved tools and approaches. The first version of the report is available on a dedicated website and as a PDF, and the updated and finalized report (PDF, 31 MB) was published in mid-2018.