Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

Privacy Policy

Updated March 2023

This document, the HELCOM Privacy Policy, describes the collection, usage, storage and sharing practices of personal data carried out by HELCOM Secretariat for the use of public HELCOM web services, such as the HELCOM website ( and its subdomains.

What personal data is collected

Data including personal contact information is collected based on the HELCOM Meeting Portal sign up process for users that are invited as group members or to participate in a meeting. The meeting portal user profile form contains basic contact information for creating a user account in the HELCOM Meeting Portal. The user account is associated with relevant HELCOM group(s), to which the user is appointed by the relevant HELCOM Contracting Party.

How the personal data is used

The contact information collected through the HELCOM Meeting Portal is needed for the HELCOM Secretariat to carry out communication activities and to share information between HELCOM and its subsidiary bodies.

The HELCOM Meeting Portal contains lists of HELCOM group members and a member search, which is visible to all signed in users. The listing contains user name, email, organization and group affiliation(s).

The data on website usage is collected for the development of HELCOM’s information activities and for the HELCOM Map and Data service to identify returning user.

Giving access to data

HELCOM Secretariat staff have access to the user information stored in the HELCOM Meeting Portal. The information can be accessed only by the HELCOM Secretariat staff for carrying out their duties.

The HELCOM Secretariat keeps list of persons attending HELCOM Meetings (Name, email and affiliation). Meeting participation list is public information and is made available as an annex of Meeting outcomes, when approved by all Meeting Participants.  

The usage statistics of web services is used only by the HELCOM Secretariat staff and will not be used to identify individual visitors.

How the personal data is protected

HELCOM Secretariat uses appropriate technical and administrative security measures to protect any personal information that it stores.

Privacy rights

Privacy rights for HELCOM Meeting Portal users

a)      Access to personal data. Users of the HELCOM Meeting Portal have the right to access their personal data stored in the system. The data can be accessed from the user profile or by sending a separate request by email to the HELCOM Secretariat at

b)      Requests for correction of incorrect data. If the Meeting Portal user data is incorrect or incomplete, the user is entitled to have the data rectified. This can be done by resubmitting the sign-up form or by sending an email to

c)      Requests for erasure. Erasure of personal data can be done if the user withdraws consent to the processing personal data as outlined in the HELCOM privacy policy. This can be done by sending erasure request to

Website usage tracking

The HELCOM Secretariat collects data regarding the use of different HELCOM web services (public website and its subdomains, HELCOM Meeting Portal, HELCOM Map and Data service). This is done by using cookies or similar technologies. The data will not be used to identify individual visitors.

Cookies are used to identify returning user to HELCOM Map and Data service in order to save selection on use conditions. It is possible to modify web browser controls to accept or reject cookies. However, rejection of cookies results in use condition prompt answer not to be saved.