Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission


Head of Delegation

Mr Rene Reisner
Ministry of the Environment of Estonia
Paldiski rd 96, Tallinn 13522, Estonia
Phone: +372 6262855

Press Contact
Ms Agnes Aaslaid
Ministry of the Environment
Tel: +372 56 612 77

The Estonian Baltic

Estonia is located in the north-eastern part of the Baltic Sea. The length of the Estonian coastline is 3,794 km of which 1,242 km are on the mainland and 2,552 km are divided among the islands.

Estonians would hardly be what they are without the sea. The sea not only determines the local climate, but it has through centuries moulded the character and lifestyle of Estonians. Mostly tranquil itself, the sea has given the Estonians their calm and tolerance.

The sea has always been the primary provider for local residents. Today about 8000 Estonian inhabitants are employed in the Baltic Sea fisheries sector – both fishing and fish-processing. There are many more of them who like to eat the Baltic Sea fish.