Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

WG Sea-based pressures

The Working Group on Reduction of Pressures from Sea-based sources (HELCOM WG Sea-based pressures) works to reduce the input, impacts, and risks posed by litter, disturbance, and loss of the seabed, submerged hazardous objects, non-indigenous species (NIS), and the level of impulsive and continuous underwater noise in the Baltic Sea. It is also tasked with monitoring the status of the Baltic Sea related to these pressures, as well as implementing relevant mitigation measures.

The Working Group operates at the interface of science and policy, ensuring that sufficient technical expertise and information are available to support national and regional decision-making and implementation processes.


Action areas


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Liis Kikas

Chair of WG Sea-based pressures
Ministry of Climate of Estonia

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Lars Åkesson

Vice-Chair of WG Sea-based pressures
Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

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Markus Helavuori

Professional Secretary
HELCOM Secretariat
+358 40 162 6520


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