Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

EN Clime

Joint HELCOM/Baltic Earth Expert Network on Climate Change

EN Clime, a joint expert network by HELCOM and Baltic Earth, functions as a coordinating framework and a platform to harness the expertise of leading scientists on both direct and indirect effects of climate change on the Baltic Sea environment, and to make this expertise available to, and open up for closer dialogue with, policy makers. Through this, ensure that new scientific findings on climate change and its impacts on oceans and seas should be visible in HELCOM, as well as find their way into HELCOM decision-making and the day to day work.

The Expert Network will handle the operational production and delivery of the scientific products of the dedicated work on climate change, e.g. the fact sheet and supporting material, as well as other tasks agreed by State and Conservation Working Group and the Baltic Earth Science Steering Group and assigned to the group.



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Jannica Haldin

Professional Secretary
HELCOM Secretariat
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Petra Kääriä

Associate Professional Secretary
HELCOM Secretariat
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