Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

Group on the Implementation of the Ecosystem Approach

The ecosystem approach is the key ingredient of the Baltic Sea Action Plan and a driving principle in the Directive. This approach, which also considers people as part of the ecosystem, is about using scientific knowledge as the basis of protection and the sustainable use of the marine environment as well as prioritizing and applying management actions. It also incorporates the learning-by-doing principle of adaptive management.

The Gear group will work towards region-wide co-operation on all elements of national marine strategies. The group will build on national activities based on both legal framework and HELCOM’s work, such as HELCOM’s coordinated monitoring programmes, core indicators with good environmental status boundaries, thematic and integrated assessment reports including assessment of pressures on the marine environment, as well as commonly agreed measures, with the view to facilitate adaptive management and strive for improved state of the Baltic Sea.

For more Information, please contact:

Chair of Gear group

Ms. Andrea Weiß
German Environment Agency (Germany)

Vice-Chair of Gear group

Mr. Asker Juul Aagren
Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark

Ms. Jannica Haldin
Professional Secretary​
(Gear, State and Conservation)
Tel: +358 40 485 5905​