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2024 Riga

2024 Ministerial Meeting on the Baltic Sea Marine Environment

Ministerial Meetings are the highest decision-making level of the Helsinki Commission and are usually held every three years. The Ministerial Meetings are attended by the highest representatives of our Contracting Parties, and the 2024 Ministerial Meeting on the Baltic Sea Marine Environment (Baltic Sea MM 2024) is expected to be attended by Ministers of the Environment, of Climate and of Maritime Affairs of the Baltic Sea coastal states that are also Member States of the European Union and the Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries of the European Commission.

The 2024 Ministerial Meeting on the Baltic Sea Marine Environment will take place in Riga on 25 April 2024, and it will be hosted by Latvia as the current HELCOM chairmanship. The meeting will be by invitation only.

The focus of the Ministerial Meeting will be on the results of the third holistic assessment (HOLAS 3) of the Baltic Sea, and how these can be used to strengthen implementation to reach the objectives and goals of Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP). In addition, the Ministerial Meeting will reflect on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the original Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea Area. The outcomes of the Baltic Sea MM 2024 will include a ministerial declaration as well as a statement.

State of the Baltic Sea 2023

The results of the third HELCOM holistic assessment (HOLAS 3) will be presented at the Ministerial Meeting. The assessment, which culminated in the publication of a synthesis report State of the Baltic Sea 2023 in October 2023, provides a comprehensive overview of the Baltic Sea’s ecosystem health during 2016 to 2021 and enables tracking progress in implementing the Baltic Sea Action Plan. The Ministerial Meeting will be an opportunity to decide on the following steps towards reaching the vision of a healthy Baltic Sea environment and to ensuring continued cooperation in the region.

Proud past, promising future

2024 is a special year for HELCOM as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the original Helsinki Convention and, consequently, 50 years of fruitful cooperation within the framework of HELCOM.

The Ministerial Meeting will conclude with a celebration of this occasion, themed “Proud past, promising future”. More information on this celebration can be found here.

Waves of Change – Accelerating action and finance to save the Baltic Sea

Side event by Coalition Clean Baltic and WWF on Wednesday 24 April 2024

Anticipating the Ministerial debate, a side event organized by the Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB) and WWF will take place at Radisson Blu Daugava, Riga on 24 April, 15.00-16.30.

Access here the side event webpage

The HOLAS 3 report results unfortunately reaffirm the poor health of the Baltic Sea. Nevertheless, a glimmer of hope persists. The report acknowledges measures to alleviate pressure on the Baltic Sea are working when properly financed and implemented, but how can we accelerate this implementation? Bringing back a healthy Baltic Sea means funds and resources must be mobilized. To speed up these efforts our finance system needs also to transform to align investments with nature-positive principles and priorities but how could this be done?

Join us for an engaging panel discussion to answer these questions – what it will take to speed up the implementation and financing of the Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) and explore solutions for a healthy Baltic Sea.


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