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EG Noise

HELCOM Expert Group on Underwater Noise 

The HELCOM Expert Group on Underwater Noise (EG Noise) was established ​in order to implement commitments of the Ministerial Declaration related to underwater noise. The overall aim of the Group was to contribute to the development of an action plan, preferably by 2021, and regionally coordinated actions on underwater noise, aiming, in the long-term, at addressing adverse effects of underwater noise on marine species identified as sensitive to noise, whilst safeguarding the potential of the Baltic Sea for sustainable human activities. Currently, now that the HELCOM Regional Action Plan on Underwater Noise has been adopted as HELCOM Recommendation 42-43/1, the Expert Group is contributing to its implementation as the main tool to achieve the 2021 BSAP objectives in connection to underwater noise.



Mock Employee
Jakob Tougaard

Chair of EN-Noise

Aarhus University​
+45 4098 4585

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Marta Ruiz

Associate Professional Secretary

HELCOM Secretariat
+358 40 6472424

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