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Baltic Marine Environment
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​HELCOM Pollution Load User System (HELCOM PLUS) (2013-2015)

The project aims to modernize the HELCOM waterborne pollution load compilation (PLC) database, and develop a web application to access the data. This would provide a more efficient data system both for reporting and retrieving data derived from pollution discharges into the Baltic Sea, and introduce and automatic quality assurance system ensuring more comparable, consistent and validated data. The realization of the PLUS project is proposed with the purpose of improving the processes involved in the PLC-6 reporting, serving at the same time as a basis for the following PLC assessments and the follow up on evaluating fulfilment of BSAP nutrient reduction targets project.
The main purpose of the proposed project is to modernize the HELCOM Pollution Load Compilation (PLC) with the following goals:

  • Facilitate the submission, correction, updating of national PLC data reported by Contracting Parties to HELCOM
  • Develop a Quality Assurance (QA) system ensuring a better quality and correctness of the PLC data
  • Improve and harmonize the quality and completeness of data in the database
  • Ensure open access to up-to-date, quality-checked PLC data, making it easier to view and download the data via a public web application
  • Facilitate the production of HELCOM assessments in a more precise and resource-efficient manner than is presently possible
  • Develop a system which is user-friendly and flexible, keeping in mind possible future changes
  • Ensure the compatibility with relevant European standards (e.g. with INSPIRE), and facilitate the reporting of EU member States under WFD and MSFD directives

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Sriram Sethuraman​
Project Manager
Tel: +358 40 647 4507
Skype: helcom61