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Phasing out of intentional outdoor releases of inflated balloons and confetti

BALLOONS was a project financed by the Swedish Environment Protection Agency. The project aimed at addressing actions RL13 and RL 14 (partially) of the HELCOM Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter concerning the phasing out of intentional release of inflated balloons and the confetti released outdoors. The project, conducted by KIMO International, started in February 2022 and ran until December 2022 under the leadership of Denmark and Sweden.

The project investigated, estimated and described the situation in the HELCOM countries regarding intentional releases of balloons as well as releases of confetti outdoors and their impacts on the environment, including the marine environment, and developed guidance on possible ways of phasing out intentional releases of balloons as well as measures relevant to address confetti. The work will support all Contracting Parties to the Helsinki Convention to work strategically on both issues.

The project findings and recommendations will be presented in the spring of 2023 in a report and as a visual media resource that can be used to promote the work and raise awareness on the issue.


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