Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

Our action areas

HELCOM was established about four decades ago to protect the marine environment of the Baltic Sea from all sources of pollution through intergovernmental cooperation.

HELCOM’s vision for the future is a healthy Baltic Sea environment with diverse biological components functioning in balance, resulting in a good ecological status and supporting a wide range of sustainable economic and social activities.

Helcom groups

HELCOM’s five main groups, restructured in September 2014, implement policies and strategies and propose issues for discussion at the meetings of the Heads of Delegations, where decisions are made.

State of the Baltic Sea

Nutrient inputs from land have decreased clearly, but effects are not yet reflected in the status of all sub-basins.

The contamination status is elevated in all of the Baltic Sea, but some improving trends are seen.

Biodiversity status is inadequate for most assessed species, and continued efforts to support biodiversity are of key importance.