Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission


Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

Tell it together, tell it loud


Tuesday, 16 June 2015 at 14:00-17:30
Main Hall, Dzintari Concert Hall, Jurmala, Latvia​. 


Part I: Setting the scene

Welcoming words and introduction by the organizersWhy are we here? Aims of the meetingModerator: Johanna Laurila, HELCOMHELCOM, BONUS, Baltic Eye
Learning from the best – national scale Case study from Finland: Baltic Sea communicators’ networkQuestions​Tuula Putkinen, John Nurminen Foundation, Finland
​14.35-14.55Learning from the best – European scaleCommunications panel of the European Science Foundation Marine BoardQuestions
​Kjartan Maestad, Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway
​14.55-15.15Media perspective: what needs and expectations to such network could be in operating on science-policy interface?​Questions​Sandra Kropa, Journalist, Latvia​

Part II: Perspectives and brainstorming from Baltic Sea coastal states

15.15-16.15Baltic Sea viewed through the political situation of my countryRoundtable1.     How are Baltic Sea issues covered in my country, in terms of environmental research and politics? Judging by the media: give three case examples2.      In your national context, what are/would be the optimal means to “tell it louder” with regards to Baltic Sea issues?  How the new network could add value to these efforts?3.     Regional network for communicators:What are the keys to success for such a new network?
Moderator: Maija Sirola, BONUS​Sven Paulus, Editor of research news, Estonia;Saara Reinimäki, Finnish Environment Institute, Finland;Barbara Hentzsch, Warnemunde Institute, Germany;Ieva Firere, Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia;Olga Senova, NGO Baltic Sea Friends, Russia;Other, tbc

Part III: Regional communicators´ network: what does the future hold?

​16.30-17.15Discussion led by macro-regional actorsconsiderations and expectations-brainstorming on incentives, added value, and investment by all participants​Moderator: Maija Sirola, BONUSDG Regio, European Commission;  InterAct Turku; Council of the Baltic sea States; HELCOM+ everyone
Closing remarks: Did we get what we were aiming for? Next steps?​Johanna Laurila, HELCOM
18.00-20.00Networking dinner
​Majorenhoff Restaurant,42 Jomas Street, Jurmala

* * *

What is this?

How can we together increase visibility and impact for top-notch research and best policies in the region?

Come and share experiences and learn from colleagues across the region!​

Who should be there?

All Baltic Sea communicators affiliated with science, policy and decision-making, and any others with a passion for powerful communication for the region.

Can you stay for dinner in beautiful Jurmala at 6 – 8 pm? Please contact

* * *
Organised by Baltic EyeBONUS and HELCOM as a back-to-back meeting
of the 6th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) taking place 15-16 June 2015 in Jurmala, as well as the Baltic Sea Science Congress/BONUS Forum policy day, 17 June 2015 in Riga, Latvia.