Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission


Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission


Baltic Sea Pilot Project: Testing new concepts for integrated environmental monitoring of the Baltic Sea (BALSAM) was a project to enhance the capacity of the Baltic Sea member states to develop their marine environmental monitoring programmes.

Focusing on gaps identified in HELCOM, BALSAM provided recommendations for marine monitoring in the Baltic, especially for seals and seabirds, non-indigenous species and benthic habitats. The project also provided recommendations for further coordinated use of research vessels as well as improved data management and infrastructure in the Baltic.

BALSAM is one of the three Pilot Projects called “New Knowledge Projects” co-financed by the European Commission DG Environment. Sharing results and best practices with the sister projects in the North Sea and Celtic Sea  (JMP NS/CS) and the Mediterranean and Black Sea (IRIS-SES) supported inter-regional approach when developing proposals for integrated monitoring.
For more information, please contact:

Ms. Johanna Karhu

Ms. Johanna Karhu
Project Coordinator
HELCOM Secretariat
Tel: +358 40 661 9040
Skype: helcom63​

Ms. Ulla Li Zweifel
Professional Secretary
(Gear WG, State and Conservation WG)
Tel: +358 46 850 9198 ​
Skype: helcom64