Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

EG Benthic

​Expert Group on Benthic Habitats and Biotopes

The HELCOM Expert Group on Benthic Habitats and Biotopes (EG Benthic) provides expert input towards HELCOM work related to benthic communities, habitats and biotopes.

It supports the coordination of Baltic Sea regional efforts on benthic matters, notably on the implementation of related Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) and subsequent commitments. 

EG Benthic particularly focuses on:

  • Natural marine and coastal landscapes
  • Thriving and balanced communities of plants and animals 
  • Attaining viable populations of species
  • Restoring and maintaining sea floor integrity at a level that safeguards ecosystem functions
  • Habitats – including associated species – showing a distribution, abundance and quality in line with prevailing physiographic, geographic and climatic conditions



Mock Employee
Antonia Nyström Sandman

Chair of EG Benthic
AquaBiota Water Research, Sweden

Mock Employee
Jannica Haldin

Professional Secretary
HELCOM Secretariat
+358 40 485 5905

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Florent Nicolas

Associate Professional Secretary
HELCOM Secretariat
+358 40 668 3145