Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

Research Vessels

Research vessels used in HELCOM monitoring programmes are listed under this page based on data collected within BALSAM project WP5 activities (co- financed by the European Union DG Environment). 

The table below displays common information of research vessels, including a national web page containing vessel information and a link to ship’s current position using MarineTraffic service. Reports of past cruises are available as links in “Completed cruises” column. Column “SeaDataNet CSRs” contains a link to vessel’s SeaDataNet Cruise Summary Reports (if available). By clicking the Name of the vessel, a full list of attribute information is displayed. A system for collecting information on planned cruises from ship operators web site FTP box was developed in the project by Tallinn University.   

Research Vessels Table

NameCall signCountryWeb pageMarineTraffic TracksCompleted CruisesSeaDataNet CSRs
AlkorDBNDGermany;LinkView track mapCruise reportsView CSRs
ArandaOIRYFinland;LinkView track mapCruise reportsView CSRs
AuroraOUYFDenmark;LinkView track map
BalticaSNGHPoland;LinkView track mapCruise reportsView CSRs
DanaOXBHDenmark;LinkView track mapView CSRs
DariusLYIILithuania;LinkView track mapView CSRs
Elisabeth Mann-BorgeseDBKRGermany;LinkView track mapCruise reportsView CSRs
GeomariOJ2527Finland;LinkView track map
HaithabuDK7933Germany;LinkView track mapView CSRs
MintisLYAPLithuania;LinkView track map
SalmeES2408Estonia;LinkView track mapView CSRs
SkagerakSGCDSweden;LinkView track mapCruise reportsView CSRs
StrelasundDBVEGermany;LinkView track map
VéjúnasLYTNLithuania;LinkView track mapCruise reportsView CSRs