Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

Research Vessels

Research vessels used in HELCOM monitoring programmes are listed under this page based on data collected within BALSAM project WP5 activities (co- financed by the European Union DG Environment). 

The table below displays common information of research vessels, including a national web page containing vessel information and a link to ship’s current position using MarineTraffic service. Reports of past cruises are available as links in “Completed cruises” column. Column “SeaDataNet CSRs” contains a link to vessel’s SeaDataNet Cruise Summary Reports (if available). By clicking the Name of the vessel, a full list of attribute information is displayed. A system for collecting information on planned cruises from ship operators web site FTP box was developed in the project by Tallinn University.   

Research Vessels Table

NameCall signCountryCompleted CruisesSeaDataNet CSRs
AlkorDBNDGermany;Cruise reportsView CSRs
ArandaOIRYFinland;Cruise reportsView CSRs
BalticaSNGHPoland;Cruise reportsView CSRs
DanaOXBHDenmark;View CSRs
DariusLYIILithuania;View CSRs
Elisabeth Mann-BorgeseDBKRGermany;Cruise reportsView CSRs
HaithabuDK7933Germany;View CSRs
SalmeES2408Estonia;View CSRs
SkagerakSGCDSweden;Cruise reportsView CSRs
VéjúnasLYTNLithuania;Cruise reportsView CSRs