Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

Lithuania 2024-2026

Priorities of the Lithuanian Chairmanship of HELCOM 2024-2026

1. Strengthening HELCOM’s role in the context of geopolitical challenges

Geopolitical challenges in the Baltic region and political tensions between the countries can affect environmental activities and maritime security. To make HELCOM as effective as possible for countries to cooperate and tackle common environmental challenges, we will focus on strengthening its capacity to address environmental issues in the Baltic Sea Region, considering the changing political dynamics.

2. Seeking a balance between the Blue Economy and environmental protection

A sustainable blue economy can help overcome current shortcomings in the management of marine, coastal and aquatic ecosystems and become an important part of meeting the economic, social and environmental needs. A sustainable blue economy, based on clean technologies, renewable energies and a circular economy, offers enormous benefits for present and future generations, while preserving a clean environment. We will enhance HELCOM’s role in maintaining and developing the economic potential of the Baltic Sea Region, while at the same time enhancing environmental policies that promote the sustainable use of marine resources.

3. Strengthening dialogue and engaging the public in decision-making

Through HELCOM’s public diplomacy and stakeholder engagement efforts, we will pay attention to promoting an inclusive, transparent and participatory approach to environmental management and protection in the Baltic Sea Region. Attracting diverse stakeholders, fostering partnerships and empowering communities to strengthen common efforts to protect and sustainably manage the Baltic Sea marine environment for present and future generations.