Baltic Marine Environment
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Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

Shipping and the Environment Conference 2019

Shipping and the Enviroment II

From regional to global perspectives

Following the first S&E conference which took place in Gothenburg in October 2017, S&E II will provide a forum where progress in understanding of the impacts of shipping on the environment will be discussed.

The conference is a joint event including Symposium on Scenarios and Policy Options for Sustainable Shipping, organised by the Interreg BSR CSHIPP platform, and four sessions focusing on emissions and abatement measures, atmospheric and marine processes and shipping-related above- and underwater noise, organised by Gothenburg Atmospheric Centre (GAC)International Surface Ocean – Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) and BONUS secretariat.

The Conference will be held on the 4 to 6 September 2019 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Who should attend?

  • Scientific community; researchers and students from atmospheric, marine and climate research, environmental economics, political and social science
  • Environmental and transport agencies
  • Environmental managers from governmental, regional and local organisations
  • Maritime transport sector

More information are available on the Annoucement and Call for Abstracts.

Prior to the conference, a Policy workshop will be organized by HELCOM and the CSHIPP project. Please contact for more information.