Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission


The chairmanship of the Helsinki Commission rotates between the Contracting Parties every two years, starting on 1 July​, according to their alphabetical order in English. 

Chair’s key

2016–2018 European Union​

2018–2020 Finland

2020–2022 Germany

2022–2024 Latvia

2024–2026 Lithuania

2026–2028 Poland

2028–2030 Russia

2030–2032 Sweden



2.1   The chairmanship of the Commission shall be given to each Contracting Party in turn in alphabetical order of the names of Contracting Parties in the English language.

2.2   The Contracting Party chairing the Commission shall nominate the Chairman and a Vice‑Chairman six months in advance. If the Chairman finds it necessary to be absent during any meeting or any part thereof and/or is unable to perform his/her functions the Vice‑Chairman shall take his/her place.

2.3   The Chairman shall serve for a period of two years, and cannot during the period of his/her chairmanship serve as representative of his/her country.

2.4   Should the chairmanship fall vacant, the Contracting Party chairing the Commission shall nominate a successor to remain in office until the term of chairmanship of that Contracting Party expires.

2.5   In addition to exercising the powers and duties conferred upon him/her elsewhere in these Rules the powers and duties of the Chairman shall be:

  1. to convene the regular and extraordinary meetings of the Commission and of the Heads of Delegation;
  2. to declare the opening and closing of these meetings;
  3. to preside at all meetings of the Commission and of the Heads of Delegation;
  4. to ensure observance of these Rules and to decide all questions of order raised at meetings of the Commission and of the Heads of Delegation, subject to the right of any representative to request that any ruling by the Chairman shall be submitted  to the Commission for decision by vote;
  5. generally, to make such decisions and give such guidance to the Executive Secretary as will ensure that the business of the Commission is carried out efficiently and in accordance with its decisions.