Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

The HELCOM Expert Network on Underwater Noise (EN-Noise) was established ​in order to implement commitments of the Ministerial Declaration related to underwater noise. The goal of the​ Network is to prepare and facilitate the implementation of a roadmap to building a knowledge base on underwater noise in a short term (2015-2017).

The Regional Baltic Underwater Noise Roadmap 2015-2017 was recently adopted at the HELCOM 37 meeting, (Annex 3 of the Outcome of HELCOM 37-2016​).

For More Information, Please Contact:

Chair of EN-Noise

Mr. Peter Sigray
Swedish Defence Research Agency​
Tel: +46 73 444 7698

HELCOM Secretariat

Ms. Marta Ruiz
Associate Professional Secretary
Tel: +358 40 6472424
Skype: helcom59