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Helcom Map and Data Service

HELCOM Map and Data Service (HELCOM MADS) contains all geospatial data relevant for HELCOM work from status assessments to shipping density maps.

The HELCOM Map and Data service contains various functionalities for viewing datasets, for example, identify features and attribute table functionalities.

The service is linked with HELCOM Metadata catalogue to view metadata of each dataset and to enable download.

Data Services

HELCOM provides direct access to all HELCOM geospatial datasets either by ArcGIS Rest interface or OGC WMS Standard. The service are described in HELCOM Metadata catalogue.

ArcGIS Rest interface address


Maritime & Response
​Sea Environmental Monitoring
Pressures and Human Activities
​Status Assessments

HELCOM WMS service (1.3.0) is currently created with ArcGIS Server 10.6.1 and enabled for multiple spatial reference systems in order to provide data within national coordinate systems used by national web map portals. The coordinate systems currently provided are EPSG: 3035 (ETRS89LAEA, INSPIRE/EU recommended frame of reference for geodata for Europe); EPSG: 4326 (WGS84); EPSG: 3857 (WGS84 Web Mercator); EPSG: 3006 (SWEREF99TM) and EPSG: 3034 (ETRS89/LCC Europe).

Supported By

​TAPAS Project – Development of HELCOM Tools and Approaches for the Second Holistic Assessment of the Ecosystem Health of the Baltic Sea (Theme 4 – Workspaces for data and information) 
EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Regions (EUSBSR)
​The Nordic Council of Ministers funded project: Development of HELCOM Data and Geographic Information System

​​EU funded HELCOM SCALE project (Project 21.0401/2007/485831/SUB/D2).EU Framework contract “Development of a shared data and information system between the EU and the regional sea conventions”