Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

State and Conservation

Working Group on the State of the Enviroment and Nature Conservation

The State and Conservation Working Group covers monitoring and assessment functions as well as issues related to nature conservation and biodiversity protection in HELCOM.

A major aim of the State & Conservation group is to work across the monitoring-indicators-assessment chain in order to provide a stronger basis for coordinated development of the HELCOM thematic assessment tools and a coherent holistic assessment of the ecosystems health, including Baltic Sea Pressure Index and Impact Index.

After close inspection, the State & Conservation group integrates – on technical and scientific level – the outcomes of various expert groups and projects covering most of all eutrophication, hazardous substances and biodiversity, but also linking the relevant results produced by other subsidiary bodies (e.g. pressures from shipping) into a one coherent system.

The group deploys a specific arrangement for its work, including meetings, in order to cater for the needs to efficiently cover the two themes: monitoring and assessment theme as well as nature.

Please note since September 2014, ​State & Conservation has covered the functions of the former HELCOM HABITAT and MONAS​ groups.


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Marie-Louise Krawack

Co-Chair of State and Conservation WG

Ministry of Environment and Food
+45 935 88050

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Norbert Häubner

Co-Chair of State and Conservation WG

Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
+46 76 5386063​

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Jannica Haldin

Professional Secretary

HELCOM Secretariat
+358 40 485 5905​

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Vivi Fleming

Vice Co-Chair of State and Conservation WG

Finnish Environment Institute
Marine Research Centre
+358 295 251 879

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