Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

Regional leaders on maritime spatial planning decide on future actions

​The actions in immediate future for more coherent Baltic spatial planning are in key focus in the regular of HELCOM and Visions and Strategies around the Baltic Sea (VASAB), starting today in Riga, Latvia. The work plan discussed in the 2-day Meeting will help implement the recent for regional maritime spatial planning (MSP) 2013–2020, adopted by the 2013 HELCOM Copenhagen . The two organisations, having co-led Horizontal Action on Spatial Planning for 3 years, have a stable working procedure by e.g. hosting biannual working group meetings. Another central topic in the Meeting is the preparations for the on 26 September 2014, in Tallinn, Estonia.  The Meeting will be co-chaired by the Working Group Co-Chairs Ms. Anita Mäkinen, Finland, and Mr. Andrzej Cieślak, Poland.  * * *Note for editors:A joint co-chaired on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), launched in October 2010, works to ensure cooperation among the Baltic Sea region countries for coherent regional MSP processes. The co-chairs are and the Vision and Strategies around the Baltic Sea (), which also co-lead the Horizontal Action ‘Spatial Planning’ of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. The Working Group facilitates the follow-up of Regional Baltic Maritime Spatial Planning Roadmap 2013–2020, with the aim to draw up and apply maritime spatial plans throughout the Baltic Sea Region which are coherent across borders and apply the ecosystem approach. The Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission, usually referred to as , is an intergovernmental organisation of the nine Baltic Sea coastal countries and the European Union working to protect the marine environment of the Baltic Sea from all sources of pollution and to ensure safety of navigation in the region. Since 1974 HELCOM has been the governing body of the ‘Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea Area’, more commonly known as the Helsinki Convention. For further information:Hermanni BackerProfessional Secretary for Response, Maritime and Maritime Spatial PlanningHELCOMTel: +358 (0)46 850 9199Fax: +358 (0)207 412 645E-mail: hermanni.backer@helcom.fiSkype: helcom02 Johanna LaurilaInformation SecretaryHELCOMTel: +358 (0)40 523 8988Fax: +358 (0)207 412 639E-mail: johanna.laurila@helcom.fiSkype: helcom70

The work plan discussed in the 2-day HELCOM-VASAB meeting will help implement the Roadmap for MSP 2013–2020.