Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission


Joint HELCOM/Baltic Earth Expert Network on Climate Change (EN CLIME)

EN-CLIME, a joint expert network by HELCOM and Baltic Earth, functions as a coordinating framework and a platform to harness the expertise of leading scientists on both direct and indirect effects of climate change on the Baltic Sea environment, and to make this expertise available to, and open up for closer dialogue with, policy makers. Through this, ensure that new scientific findings on climate change and its impacts on oceans and seas should be visible in HELCOM, as well as find their way into HELCOM decision-making and the day to day work.

The Expert Network will handle the operational production and delivery of the scientific products of the dedicated work on climate change, e.g. the fact sheet and supporting material, as well as other tasks agreed by State and Conservation Working Group and the Baltic Earth Science Steering Group and assigned to the group.


The overall scope of the group is to facilitate the regional cooperation in relation to climate change and its impacts, including transferring quality assured science to end users, and to provide clear guidance on the level of confidence in information which is presented. The work can also vicariously support the identification of knowledge gaps and identification of possible future research priorities. The main goal is to condense the large body of scientific research into a form that is directly utilizable in developing HELCOM core indicators, updating and implementing BSAP, and in preparation of future HELCOM Assessments on climate change.


The principal benefits of EN CLIME are to have:

  1. stronger links between leading partners on climate change in the region, and a recognized authoritative voice on marine climate change issues. 
  2. improved transfer of valuable information 
  3. a clear mechanism for demonstrating organisational commitment to addressing climate change. 
  4. a swift transfer of research results and products between partners and to the policy level.
  5. improved advice on necessary actions and measures and on how HELCOM’s policies could be adapted in order to support resilience of the Baltic Sea to the climate change.


The objectives of EN CLIME are to: 

  1. Develop concepts for scientific products as requested or identified by the HELCOM State and Conservation WG and Baltic Earth Science Steering Group.
  2. Oversee the production of HELCOM climate change science outputs (fact sheet; supporting material).
  3. Identify, where needed, additional scientific experts who are most appropriate to provide input to the scientific evidence base for products. 
  4. Develop ideas for the format and style of final deliverables. 
  5. Develop briefing material for contributing authors. 
  6. Ensure that the messages provided in the scientific products are concise and easily understandable by the intended target audience. 
  7. Contribute to proof reading of final products. 
  8. To collaboratively frame user requirements for the next set of regional climate projections, and ensure their usability in the policy context.


The Chair(s) of the EN CLIME will report back to the State and Conservation WG and the Baltic Earth Science Steering Group on the activities of the network. For State and Conservation WG this will take the form of an agenda item at WG meetings. For all scientific products, EN CLIME will present a production plan for sign off by the State and Conservation WG and the Baltic Earth Science Steering Group. Once the production process is completed, State and Conservation WG and the Baltic Earth Science Steering Group will be requested to endorse the final products for publication.


The EN CLIME will consist of representatives of HELCOM and Baltic Earth in the form of topic experts. The membership will be based on nominations from both organizations (initial nominations to be made available to the HELCOM Secretariat by 22 January 2019), as well as any interested parties from State and Conservation WG. State and Conservation contacts will be invited to nominate national experts for the work, supporting full coverage of the identified parameters.

Baltic Earth nominations are foreseen to primarily consist of the assigned lead authors for the Grand Challenges. These nominations will be shared with Contracting Parties prior to the national nomination process, to facilitate the identification of possible gaps in expertise etc. 

The involvement of other expertise with the respective organizations structures will be further explored based on the list of identified parameters as the work progresses. The HELCOM Secretariat together with the EN CLIME Chair(s) will evaluate the coverage of required technical expertise and communicate with the respective organisation on any additional need for expertise in the group. The aim is to ensure sufficient expertise for all identified parameters to be covered. The Expert Network will work in close collaboration with relevant other HELCOM Working Group’s, such as PRESSURE and MARITIME, and Expert Networks, as well as potential other partners. The network will be open to Observers according to HELCOM procedures.

The EN CLIME lead authors and Chair(s) will liaise with the outside experts for the peer review process to provide quality assurance to scientific products, ensuring they are based upon the best available science and presented in a balanced way. 

The Chair(s) of EN CLIME will commit to assisting the Secretariats and partaking in dissemination activities.