Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

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HELCOM delegation visited the Spanish embassy

​ Marta Ruiz and Manuel Frias from HELCOM with Ms. María Jesús Figa López-Palop, the Spanish Ambassador.At the invitation of the… Read More »

Vietnamese national planning institution translates Plan Bothnia

In May 2013 the HELCOM Secretariat received an unexpected email from Vietnam, asking for permission to translate the book “Planning… Read More »

New pollution reduction targets for all Baltic States decided on today

​High-level decisions expected for a healthier Baltic Sea marine environment 3 October 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark – New targets for nutrient input… Read More »

Master blueprint ready for future regional actions for a healthier Baltic Sea

The Ministers of the Environment and High-Level Representatives of the nine Baltic coastal countries and the European Union, convened in… Read More »

Media advisory – Baltic health check by HELCOM Ministers and EU representative

​01.10.2013Note new time at 11:45 – MEDIA ADVISORYHELCOM Ministerial Meeting 2013 in CopenhagenNine Environment Ministers and EU Commissioner gather for… Read More »

Warming in the Baltic Sea region is expected to continue and alter the marine ecosystem

A recently released on climate change in the Baltic Sea area looks into historical and more recent changes in the… Read More »

More key issues finalized for the 2013 Ministerial Meeting

​23 September 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark – Today and tomorrow, more details for the 2013 HELCOM Ministerial Declaration will be put… Read More »

HELCOM launches new web site

​At the eve of the 2013 HELCOM Ministerial Meeting, new website has been launched at the same familiar url, .… Read More »

Towards a bio-based society: New cluster recommendations for more sustainable resource management in the Baltic Sea Region

 4 September 2013 – , of which is a partner and a member of a steering group, has recently published… Read More »

Negotiations enter final straight for major high-level commitments for the Baltic Sea

3 September 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark – The members of the Baltic Sea Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM), formed by the… Read More »