Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission


Negotiations enter final straight for major high-level commitments for the Baltic Sea

3 September 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark – The members of the Baltic Sea Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM), formed by the… Read More »

Easy online access to follow negotiations

​Regional Ministers will discuss the status and future of the Baltic Sea marine environment in Octobe30 August 2013 (HELCOM Information… Read More »

HELCOM promotes sustainable agricultural production in balance with the environment

​”A Greener Agriculture for a Bluer Baltic Sea” Conference arranged for the fifth time (Twitter: #agreener201327 August 2013, Helsinki, Finland… Read More »

HELCOM publishes report on noise sensitivity of animals in the Baltic Sea

The recently published HELCOM report “Noise sensitivity of animals in the Baltic Sea” shows how marine mammals, fish and diving… Read More »