Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

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Regional leaders on maritime spatial planning decide on future actions

​The actions in immediate future for more coherent Baltic spatial planning are in key focus in the regular of HELCOM… Read More »

Task force on Baltic migratory fish established

A new task force on migratory fish species, established under the HELCOM Fisheries and Environment , held its first meeting… Read More »

Communication procedures considered in assistance to spills

​The , consisting of competent pollution incident authorities of all the Baltic Sea coastal countries and European Union services, convenes… Read More »

New platform launches on green technology and alternative fuels for ships

To advance sustainable shipping and reduce emissions of pollutants such as Sulphur (SOx) and Nitrogen (NOx) in the Baltic, the… Read More »

New round kicks off to jointly assess the entire Baltic

An expert workshop today kicks off the second round of HELCOM work on core indicators, which measure the state of… Read More »

Coordinated monitoring of the Baltic improves

The work for a revised, scientifically sound, well-coordinated and cost-effective HELCOM monitoring programme moves forward in a project workshop closing today,… Read More »

Baltic region steams ahead for green technologies and alternative fuels

Enhanced regional cooperation on alternative fuels for ships have been a key matter in the Meeting of HELCOM closing today,… Read More »

Solutions for shared environmental challenges of Black and Baltic Seas

Final straight starts in exchanging best practices on environmental monitoring between the Baltic and the Black Seas, in the fourth… Read More »

Latest information compiled on Baltic passenger ports’ sewage reception

​An up to date compilation of relevant information on port reception facilities (PRF) and applicable fees from all main passenger… Read More »

Streamlining monitoring and assessment system for the Baltic

The next holistic assessment of the Baltic ecosystem health was planned for in the Meeting of Monitoring and Assessment Group… Read More »