Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission


Marine litter, underwater noise and chemical contamination are addressed at HELCOM PRESSURE in Brussels

​Marine litter, underwater noise and chemical contamination of the marine environment were prominently featured on the agenda of the PRESSURE 11-2019 meeting… Read More »

HELCOM expert interview: Markus Meier on climate change

Prof. Dr. Markus Meier is the Head of Department of Physical Oceanography and Instrumentation at the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea… Read More »

HELCOM expert interview: Jannica Haldin on climate change and the SROCC report

   Q: WHAT’S IN THE IPCC REPORT? Jannica Haldin: The Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate… Read More »

BSAP update is a top priority for the HELCOM group on maritime matters

With an entire day dedicated to its discussion, the update of the Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) was the driving theme of… Read More »

Managers of marine protected areas connect in Vaasa for better transboundary collaboration

Reed aquatic grass in Finland © Pixabay To improve cooperation and transboundary management between marine protected areas in the Baltic Sea, HELCOM… Read More »

How to make the most of manure

In a bid to curb nutrient losses from agriculture, the root cause of eutrophication and algal blooms in the Baltic… Read More »

HELCOM publishes its report on aerial surveillance of discharges at sea in 2018

HELCOM recently published its report on aerial surveillance of discharges at sea in 2018, confirming the trend of reduction of spills… Read More »

HELCOM sails through shipping-heavy week

Early September was shipping-intensive, with HELCOM participating in three events on maritime activities in Sweden. HELCOM first promoted cleaner shipping… Read More »

Bye-bye bycatch: HELCOM and OSPAR are pooling efforts to deal with incidental catch of species

To better understand incidental bycatch of marine mammals and seabirds due to fishing, HELCOM and its sister organization from the… Read More »

The Red Sea goes Baltic

The high-level delegation from the Red Sea at the HELCOM premises on 28 August 2019. © Riku Isohella  What can the… Read More »