Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

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Report on microplastics in the Baltic Sea provides a common baseline for policy-makers and researchers

With the recent publication of the Review of existing policies and research related to microplastics under the FanpLESStic-sea project, policy-makers and researches in… Read More »

HELCOM Expert Interview: Sari Luostarinen on nutrients, eutrophication and agriculture

Sari Luostarinen is a Senior Research Scientist at the Natural Resources Institute of Finland (Luke) and is the current Chair… Read More »

HELCOM Expert Interview: Susanne Heitmüller on the management of wastewater from ships

Dr Susanne Heimüller works for the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) and is the Chair of HELCOM Maritime Working… Read More »

Handling of wastewater from ships in ports of the Baltic Sea is facilitated by new guidance

The handling of wastewater from ships in ports of the Baltic Sea just got easier with the newly published Technical Guidance for the handling of wastewater in Ports of the Baltic Sea Special Area under MARPOL Annex IV.

Highlighting their role in achieving the global ocean targets, the world’s regional seas converge in Helsinki

If not their waters, then at least the experts of the world’s regional seas converged in Helsinki in late November… Read More »

The ecosystem approach conquers global maritime spatial planning event in Riga

Not just one or two but three events on maritime spatial planning (MSP) were combined in the “Global meets regional”… Read More »

HELCOM body advocates smarter use of nutrients in agriculture to curb eutrophication

Smarter use of nutrients in agriculture will be key to curb eutrophication in the Baltic Sea, as was emphasized during… Read More »

Ecosystem-based management and maritime spatial planning are furthered at HELCOM-VASAB meeting in St Petersburg

As maritime spatial planning is sharpening up in Baltic Sea region, planners and policy makers advanced on environmentally-friendly management of… Read More »

Towards a climate-resilient Baltic Sea

By Rüdiger Strempel, HELCOM Executive Secretary Polaris is an impressive vessel. Built in 2016, she is the most recent addition to… Read More »

Marine litter, underwater noise and chemical contamination are addressed at HELCOM PRESSURE in Brussels

​Marine litter, underwater noise and chemical contamination of the marine environment were prominently featured on the agenda of the PRESSURE 11-2019 meeting… Read More »