Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

Meeting Documents

Meeting documents can be accessed under the specific Meeting site home page. 


First sign in and navigate to the meeting site, then:

1. Click “Meeting documents” on the left side page (sign in is required).

2. Select all documents by clicking “Select all” symbol

3. Click “Files” tab in the upper pane

4. Click “Download as Zip” and all documents are downloaded as a zip package. 

Meeting documents can be opened and saved to local computer by clicking the name of the document. For some users using IE browser, pdf documents might not be opened. In that case, right-click the document and “Save target as” which downloads a local copy of the file:

1. Right click document name

2. Click “Save target as”

Alternatively, you can download a local copy by right-clicking the document and clicking “Save as” or by clicking the dots next to document name, as indicated below:

1. Click the “Three dots” symbol to open properties of the document

2. Click the “Three dots” symbol of the properties windows

3. Click the “Download a copy”

If you are not able to access meeting documents under specific upcoming meeting, and see the text

Web Part Error: Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource.”,

this means that you do not have access to the document meeting library. If you are signed in and still see this message, contat secretariat (contact point should be the person who sent the invitation to the meeting) and ask for access to the specific meeting site documents.