Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

COVID-19 information

updated 18 December 2020

In light of the developments on COVID-19, HELCOM will no longer hold or attend physical meetings until further notice. Furthermore, the HELCOM Secretariat staff is currently working remotely from home until further notice.

We will continue to monitor the situation with a view to updating our position in line with the host country regulations and advisories. Please check this page for updates. For HELCOM meetings, further information on the practical details of the online meetings will be posted on this page as it becomes available and/or will be directly communicated to the meeting participants.

Until further notice, all HELCOM meetings will take place online. In the event that, for practical reasons, this is deemed to be impossible, the meeting will be cancelled altogether.

Most online meetings will be conducted using Zoom, accessible via app or browser (see our Zoom instructions).

All meeting documents are posted on the Meeting Portal (see our Meeting Portal instructions).

Until further notice, HELCOM staff will only be able to participate online. Insofar as this should not be possible, we regret that we have to decline participation in the meeting.

As of Tuesday, 17 March 2020, the HELCOM Secretariat premises will be closed to the public and all staff will work remotely from home until further notice. This is in line with the Finnish government’s measures and recommendations on COVID-19.