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Monitoring and Assessment Group

Note that as of September 2014 onwards, the functions of MONAS Group are handled by State & Conservation group.

The Monitoring and Assessment Group looks after one of HELCOM’s key tasks by assessing trends in threats to the marine environment, their impacts, the resulting state of the marine environment, and the effectiveness of adopted measures. This work forms the basis for the work of HELCOM’s other main groups, and helps to define the need for additional measures. HELCOM MONAS aims to ensure that HELCOM’s monitoring programmes are efficiently used through horizontal co-ordination between the Commission’s five permanent working groups.

  • HELCOM MONAS provides specific information to other HELCOM main groups, ad hoc groups and projects on significant problems and the areas affected.
  • Each permanent group, ad hoc group and project reports to HELCOM MONAS on their requirements for environmental monitoring and pollution load monitoring, and also on their own inputs to monitoring and assessment products.
  • HELCOM MONAS co-ordinated the development of HELCOM Ecological Objectives and is the body coordinating development of associated indicators and monitoring programmes, ensuring that other permanent working groups, ad hoc groups and projects are duly involved and provide the necessary inputs.


1. To implement the ecosystem approach to manage human activities affecting the marine ecosystem and its living resources

  • Develop a core set of HELCOM indicators  that support the elaboration of indicator-based thematic assessments, holistic assessments, and implementation of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP), by allowing the evaluation of progress towards HELCOM Ecological Objectives agreed upon in the BSAP.

2. To produce targeted and timely assessments and to coordinate supporting monitoring programmes based on the specific features of the Baltic Sea. The assessment products should contain information especially about the present state of the marine environment, long-term trends in the pollution load, other human activities and their impacts on the Baltic ecosystems and also recommendations for future actions.

  • Implementation of the HELCOM Monitoring and Assessment Strategy
  • Implementation of the HELCOM data and information strategy with a view to have a common fully functional marine database to serve regional, European and global level assessments;
  • Produce fact sheets, core indicator reports and thematic as well as periodic assessments on specific topics;
  • Share and vizualize data.


Ms. Anna-Stiina Heiskanen
Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

Phone: +358 40 825 8188
Fax: +358 20 490 2291

​HELCOM Secretary
Jannica Haldin
Professional Secretary

Jannica Haldin
Professional Secretary

Phone: +358 40 485 5905