Baltic Marine Environment
Protection Commission

General Information

The monitoring of litter covers amount and composition of marine litter. Currently no coordinated monitoring of marine litter exists in the region. National monitoring programmes concern macroscopic litter on the beaches, water surface, on the seafloor and in biota, and microlitter in the surface water and sediments, depending on a Contracting Party.

There are no HELCOM core or pre-core indicators on litter but plans for development exist. 

Sub-programme: Microlitter particle abundance and characteristics

The monitoring of litter microparticles concerns water column, beach and bottom sediments, depending on the national programmes.  

Sub-programme: Macrolitter characteristics and abundance/volume

The monitoring of macrolitter concerns beach, water surface, seafloor and biota.

Responsible HELCOM Subsidiary Bodies


Contact information: HELCOM Secretariat