Baltic Marine Environment
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General Information

The monitoring of hydrochemistry covers concentrations of nutrients as well as dissolved oxygen,  pH and H2S. The programme covers parts of  the HELCOM core indicators for eutrophication. The relevant ecosystem component is spatial and temporal distribution of nutrients.

Sub-programme: Nutrients

The HELCOM monitoring data on nutrients covers DIN (Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen, ammonium (NH4-N), nitrate (NO3-N), nitrite (NO2-N)), total nitrogen (N), DIP (Dissolved inorganic phosphorus, phosphate (PO4-P)) and total phosphorus (P). The geographical scope is the whole Baltic Sea.

HELCOM core indicators linked to the sub-programme are ‘Nitrogen (DIN)‘, ‘Phosphorus (DIP)‘, ‘Total nitrogen (TN)‘ and ‘Total phosphorus (TP)‘.

Sub-programme: Water column chemical characteristics

The HELCOM monitoring data covers dissolved oxygen, pH, total alkalinity and H2S. The relevant HELCOM core indicator is ‘Oxygen debt’. 

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