Call for photos!

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HELCOM has a constant need for quality photographs to assist our work for the Baltic marine environment. We particularly need landscapes (especially underwater and from the southern and south-eastern parts of the Baltic) and photos of people. More abstract photography is also welcome, as long as there is a Baltic connection.

At this moment, we are specifically looking for photos to illustrate a large-scale assessment report on the state of the Baltic Sea and its associated website, to be published in June 2017.

For this report in particular, we are looking for fresh images of the following motifs:

Species and habitats

  • Fish in their habitats: salmon and sea trout (in sea or river), eel, perch, roach, cod, herring, sprat
  • "Skinny/shrinking" cod or herring (thinner/smaller than normal, preferably illustrating the difference)
  • Seabirds in their habitat: species that spend the winter or nest in the Baltic Sea
  • Sea eagle in its habitat
  • Marine mammals: harbour porpoise, grey seal, ringed seal, harbour seal
  • Benthic species: Monoporeia, Macoma balthica (Baltic clam), Mytilus edulis (blue mussel)
  • Fucus sp (bladderwrack) underwater
  • Zostera marina (eelgrass) underwater
  • Phytoplankton representing species present/common in the Baltic Sea: dinoflagellates, diatoms, copepods (any Baltic species), cladocerans
  • Non-indigenous species: Round goby, Marenzelleria, Dreissena polymorpha (zebra mussel), Gammarus tigrinus
  • Marine microlitter and litter on the seafloor, such as ghost nets

Human activities

  • Pile driving, or other human activity creating impulsive underwater noise
  • Recreation
  • Shipping
  • Off-shore energy production
  • Fishing and hunting today
  • Historical images of fishing and seal hunting
  • Conservation activities, "getting involved"

General themes

  • Environmental monitoring equipment or activities: e.g. divers, monitoring buoys...
  • Images representing human relationship to the sea: both positive interactions and footprints

As the budget of HELCOM communications continues to be limited we have minor – albeit some – interest in purchasing photographs. The photographer will naturally be credited, and if preferred, the photo would be published for the purpose of the report only. We will gladly send a printed copy of the final State of the Baltic Sea report in June 2018 to those whose photos are chosen for this project.

The size of the printed images will vary, so the resolution of submitted photos should be as large as possible, and they should be saved with sufficient quality for professional printing. If you have many large files, please send the images first as thumbnails, or contact Sara Estlander by email at sara.estlander(at) for other sending options. A caption would add extra value, naming at least the location of the photo and the date when it was taken. Please also mention the extent of the publication rights you grant HELCOM.

Please contact Sara Estlander by email at sara.estlander(at) for additional information. We are very grateful for any photo contributions and/or help with spreading the message!  

We would hope to receive the photo(s) by e-mail by 18 April 2017.