Rec 36-3ValidMarine pollution incident reporting and requests for assistance between Contracting Parties in the Baltic Sea area04/03/2015
Rec 34E-3ValidAmendments to Annex VII 'Response to Pollution Accidents' of the 1992 Helsinki Convention, concerning response on the shore03/10/2013
Rec 34E-4ValidAirborne surveillance with remote sensing equipment in the Baltic Sea Area03/10/2013
Rec 33-2ValidCo-operation in response to spillages of oil and other harmful substances on the shore06/03/2012
Rec 33-3ValidReporting on incidents involving harmful substances and emergency dumping06/03/2012
Rec 31E-6ValidIntegrated wildlife response planning in the Baltic Sea area 20/05/2010
Rec 31E-5ValidMutual plan for places of refuge in the Baltic Sea area20/05/2010
Rec 31-1ValidDevelopment of national ability to respond to spillages of oil and other harmful substances 04/03/2010
Rec 28E-12ValidStrengthening of sub-regional co-operation in response field 15/11/2007
Rec 25-5ValidAssessment of the need for escort towing in tanker transport routes to prevent accidents in the Baltic Sea area 02/03/2004
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