Datasets related to Baltic Sea biodiversity is available from the Biodiversity map service and from the following databases/dataset collections listed below:


Red-listed species and biotopes

The HELCOM Red list datasets show red-listed species by the stage of becoming extinct in five species groups (macrophytes, benthic invertebrates, birds, fish, and marine mammals). The sixth group includes biotopes also classified by the stage of becoming extinct. In addition, biotope annexes show ten biotope combinations that are in danger of becoming extinct in the Baltic Sea. Spatial data on occurence can be accessed from the Biodiversity map service.

HELCOM Marine Protected Areas

HELCOM Marine Protected Areas (HELCOM MPAs, form Baltic Sea Protected Areas (BSPA)) database contains information about the protected areas in the Baltic. Spatial data can be accessed from the Biodiversity map service. 

Harbour Porpoise

HELCOM/ASCOBANS Harbour porpoise database contains information on sightings, by-catches and strandings of harbour porpoises in the Baltic Sea. The Biodiversity map service displays the reported data on harbour porpoise inside the HELCOM marine area.

BALANCE-project datasets

BALANCE project produced Baltic-wide datasets on physical characteristics of the Sea, which cacan be visualized and downloaded in the Biodiversity map service.